Many of us are highly sensitive, prideful, and ego driven when it comes to receiving feedback from another person. I understand we do not want to appear dumb, weak, or as if we don’t know the answer. It is of huge importance though to be open-minded to feedback from qualified people and materials that can help you to achieve the healthy life you desire. If you study people who have been successful in business, sports, weight loss, or have overcome any large obstacle, they all are open to the feedback of others. They never make the person responsible for their own success or failure but they do listen to advisers and even get challenged on occasion, without defensiveness or feeling shamed. I know that many of us have been judged or shamed for years so we automatically feel attacked when someone else challenges us. Being open to the feedback of another person requires us to be present with the way we are responding emotionally and automatically. One of the people who I like to get feedback from calls this response-ability. It is important to listen to the feedback so you can listen to the feedback, not listen to the feedback to respond. Through self-regulation, manage the way you are experience the feedback emotionally, breathe deeply if you need to, and then communicate as clearly and calmly as your verbal response.    Even people who are unqualified to help you with your goal will give advice. Listen openly to them, communicate consciously, say “Thank You” and move on. For those that are qualified to help you, please seek as much advice and direction as you can and adapt it to you and your goals. Close your mouth, open your ears. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



  1. I’m going to try and actively accept compliments or feedback from now on . It’s so easy to challenge feedback and compliments rather than the easiest option which is accept it 🙂 really nice read x

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