I study the subject of life span development extensively, including my own history. As a health coach and educator, I see the importance of proper conditioning in the body, in the mind, spiritually, and emotionally. As someone who has a Masters’ Degree in Counseling and who is trained as a behavioral health therapist, I see how early life conditioning plays a role in the way the adult copes, responds, and believes. And while many will say that everything is “just a choice,” sometimes there are so many hardwired predispositions, beliefs, and coping mechanisms, that it is more than just a mere choice. Research is showing more and more how heavy the impact can be as an adult if we choose to cope with life in ways that are unhealthy during our early childhood and teen years. Turning to food, drugs or alcohol, and sex as a way to deal with life’s problems greatly increases our chances of “needing” to do that for years to come. Many of us were taught this by family and fed with food we had no control over. A lot of us were abused, had addiction issues with parents, and had nowhere to turn. We were given no other healthy coping skills by those who taught us what to believe.

How To Make A Different Choice

While lifelong struggles with unhealthy coping skills are extremely hard to overcome, they are not impossible. If you are ever on social media, you can see daily how people have changed their lives in extreme ways. Losing a large amount of weight, getting health and confidence, educating themselves after struggle, and overcoming addictions are some of the stories you can see regularly on the internet and other forms of media. So it is possible. I have studied a lot of people who incorporate huge change in their lives and there are similar traits among them. Here is what I’ve learned.

  1. They all take 100% responsibility for their lives. While they are strongly conditioned by early life practices, they become laser focused on how they can be successful and they quit placing any responsibility for themselves outside of themselves.
  2. They all have bad days and start over. They do not continue the cycle as they once did and get back to practicing healthy habits after a day where they may not have.
  3. They are open to the feedback of qualified people. People who make big changes in life may have once been hypersensitive to feedback and would feel attacked, even when it was not true. But they learned to be successful it is necessary to not take things personally and to be open to people who can help you. Support does not always tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

Please understand how important your health is and how you may have been conditioned by yourself and other. to cope with life in an unhealthy way. There is nothing more important to our overall functioning and happiness than our health. Take responsibility for all aspects of your health, start over immediately after an unhealthy day, and be open to people that can help you. You will be surprised how different making a choice becomes. STAY RESILIENT! BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



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