Permission to Feel

Another great post from Beauty Beyond Bones!


I’m going to be honest, I have 2 vodka/coconut waters in my system, so this post may be a bit…spirited.

Ba-dum chh!


Bad joke. OKAY!

I had a conversation with a friend tonight that has completely pulled at my heartstrings and offered me some much needed perspective.

So naturally, I’ve decided to share with you, my wonderful internet friends 🙂

Sometimes we need to grant ourselves permission to mourn for ourselves.

Alright, that’s coming straight out of left field. I should probably back up a bit.

I don’t think there’s a person on this earth who isn’t going through, or has gone through a difficult season.

I was talking with my friend tonight about that. About this incredibly difficult season that he’s had to navigate through this past year with the murder of his friend from a hate crime, and other family challenges. Things that I cannot imagine going through.

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