I was sitting here thinking of all the changes that my gym building has been through the past five years. Built in the 1940’s, the over 6000 square foot all block space began its’ life as a US Military armory  and has been numerous things since. When I first moved into the space with an MMA instructor I was subletting from, the building had no paint on the walls, would flood gallons through the big sliding door, half gallons through the roof, and had NO air conditioning. In Phoenix, Arizona! 115 degrees and no AC not one, but two summers in The Valley of the Sun. As we began our third year,  my MMA buddy decided to leave us high and dry (except when it would flood). Since he was the one leasing the building, the building and I were left with a dilemma. Stay in the building with all of its’ issues, move to another subletting space, or go get our own new space. After looking at other options, I decided to stay where I was and take over the lease at the old armory. Within a few days the building flooded like never before. It took hours and several helpers to get it dry. When my MMA buddy left it was early fall so temperatures were not so hot. I began to sublet to others but I knew that I would need to fix the air to retain my partnerships and to grow that side of the business. The flood situation was challenging because the big sliding door always seemed to create a new opening for the water no matter what we tried to fix it. The walls needed paint and the floors needed something. We started with the AC and were lucky enough to have a client who had a family member who was licensed to install AC. We also found a guy right here in Phoenix who rebuilds used military portable AC units and soon we went from 0 working AC units to 2 AC units. My nephew is brilliant and installed the second cost efficiently. Great air now! My brother-in-law paints for a living and he painted the building for us and it looks much better. The floods were stopped at zero cost when my brilliant friend Jeremy found some material in the back of our old building that would create a mud flap effect and run the water off in a different direction. I had friends who installed doors and flooring and others who helped me move the extra junk MMA guy left me. I am obviously blessed by the people in my life. God is good to me! I am also blessed to know how energy works to improve ourselves. We have to move toward fixing the flood and cooling the building. Whether it is an old armory or our own lives, it is important to focus on how we can be successful and fix the issues that need repair. While there are numerous changes that have occurred with this old building during the last five years, there are even more that have occurred with me. I know have the ability with the help of God to solve big problems and be a better me. I have learned that if I give up on goals it hurts not helps me. I have learned that life can be humbling and to be humble too. It has been a miraculous ride. Time to move forward for more learning. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



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