There is study after study detailing the influences that emotions have on both physical and mental health. Experiencing positive emotions on a regular basis leads to a higher functioning immune system, the ability to work through life’s problems in a healthier way, and increased overall life satisfaction. Information provided by the Cleveland Clinic and The National Institutes of Health shows how emotions like depression and anxiety lead to an increased risk of heart disease and other disabilities. Other studies reveal that as you age the more disabilities you have, the more likely you are to suffer from severe depression. Depression and over emphasis on negative emotion leads to poor health and poor health leads to depression.

The Exercise Role

Exercise on the other hand reduces the risk of chronic disease. Exercise enhances mood, our ability to work through life’s problems, and lowers the number of disabilities many of us will face. Exercise helps keep us strong mentally, physically, and is gratifying. If we are stronger physically we will live a higher functioning life as we age. If we are stronger mentally we will cope with the events that aging delivers us in a healthier way. If we do things that are gratifying we will create more positive emotion in our life. I don’t know about you but I would rather be happier as I age. Growing up and into early adulthood I experienced enough misery and internal conflict to last forever. Health and happiness go together. Be healthy. Be happy. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

Want to become your own miracle? I am inviting you to come and see why Miracles of Phoenix has such a high rate of client permanent lifestyle change. We offer safe, effective, personalized fitness training with the most in depth educational system available in a welcoming and fun environment. Can’t make it to the gym? Our online program had 90% of participants reach personal goals last week. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE! 

The Fitness For Everyone Else and Build YOUR Healthy Life Programs are evidence based, healthy, and safe lifestyle modification programs designed specifically for people who struggle to maintain healthy habits. If you need help with exercise but are not a traditional gym rat or athlete, the Fitness For Everyone Else program is the one for you. The Build YOUR Healthy Life Program helps participants learn how to develop boundary based food choices, overcome anxiety and dislike for exercise, and live life in a healthier way both mentally and physically. Each program has helped hundreds of people make permanent positive health choices. Please join us!
We have gym, home, and online programs for everyone. All fees are paid in advance of service.



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