Birthday Poem From Tupper

I sincerely have the best people in my life. Many of us are going through events in our lives that are difficult. It is SO IMPORTANT to our overall health and well being to do things during those times (and all of the time for that matter) that bring us fulfillment, pleasure, and to serve others with those things. My friends Debra and Tupper are being faced with big life challenges and still took the time to make me feel great (even though it was late lol) with one of Tupper’s masterpieces of poem. Thank you everyone for being so kind to me and thank you Tupper for the poetic birthday words. I am humbled.

I’ll have to ask for forgiveness because this is so late,
But last week something took place for someone we think is great.
From guy to guy I hope my tardiness can really relate
But it doesn’t reflect the way we all feel (as the Aussies say) for a “really fantastic mate!”

Coe just had a birthday, think he told us he turned 39!
I’m thinking it might be more accurate by adding 10 to his design.
No it’s not that he looks older, or even bolder, just more refined.
Like a vintage bottle of Beaujolais, he only gets better with time.

We figure aging gracefully is something Coe is teaching,
And sucking wind and straining mightily is what he wants us reaching.
We’re guessing “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” is what he’s preaching,
But he needs to work on his Schwarzenegger impression because its mildly screeching. (Tough rhyme there, no?)

We all are truly blessed to have this strong man in our lives,
Because with Coe leading from the front it’s much easier to strive,
To be a better man or woman living lifestyles so we can thrive,
His mission and his commitment are his gifts to help us survive.

Happy birthday, Good Man Coe, and even though it’s overdue,
We hope that you did celebrate in a way that was good for you,
And also that you enjoyed yourself, while still remaining true
To being our Fearless Leader, Keep on truckin’ Coe, all the way through.

Love from Tupper and Debra


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