I am loving the Time Magazine issue devoted to The Science of Exercise. From beginning to end, the magazine details all of the reasons all of us should exercise. Exercise helps every inch of our body; our brain, our organs, joints, muscles, and mood. I exercise for my physical health but I have more of an immediate emotional and mental health impact when I exercise. My mood is better, mind clearer, and I feel more confident, especially after aerobic exercise. There is so much evidence to support why I feel less depressed, anxious, or even less angry after a moderate aerobic session. It continues to concern me why more doctors, psychologists, and other medical professionals do not prescribe moderate aerobic exercise for mental health and strength training for physical health. I witness the benefits personally as well! Seeing a client stand up for the first time in three years, watching a young man become more confident, and witnessing the dozens of people each day feel better with exercise when they have never exercised before certainly supports my case for exercise. But what supports your case for exercise? Do you struggle with weight or fear of exercise? Do not worry. The evidence clearly shows that safe and moderate exercise is key to long term health. Do not have time to exercise? Even 20 minutes of movement a day will impact your health in a positive way. Do not know what to do? A program is important so please consult a nonjudgmental fitness instructor that will keep you safe, healthy, and help you to feel empowered not shamed. Please begin this week with some exercise. Become intentional with your health choices and start over fresh daily. What you do today will impact you and those who love you tomorrow in either a positive or negative way. Go with the positive impact. Go with exercise. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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