It is so important to our health, happiness, and overall functioning to have goals and to strive to better ourselves in every facet of our lives. Whether its’ trying to improve strength levels after age 40, losing weight, or managing your finances; self-improvement is necessary for our growth as humans. Where many people struggle with growth is the need for people close to them to believe in them and the goal they have chosen. I witness and have experienced criticism from family members who give negative feedback when a goal is shared with them. I have also witnessed and have experienced giving up on the goal because of this feedback. I am pleading with you not to make them responsible for your success or failure. While support from others is important, believing in yourself is vital. A lot of people do not believe in you because they do not believe in themselves. They have bought into the words of others who did not believe in them or they simply do not want to put forth the effort to reach a goal. Please believe in yourself!  I will acknowledge that accomplishing things in life is extremely difficult and requires resiliency, focus, and determination. The fulfillment and abilities you gain from the experience will far outweigh the cost. One of those abilities gained is the belief in yourself. Once you realize that you have the abilities to reach goals, what other people say or their belief in you will matter less and less. Your belief in you will matter more and more. Learn from others who have reached the goal you are seeking and do not give energy to the naysayers. When you struggle to make progress in the goal you are seeking, study the people more who have been successful in that goal. And believe in yourself because you can. Begin as soon as possible. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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