I look back at my life and can see how I was conditioned by others to believe and behave in certain ways. I was conditioned to eat the way my cultural and socioeconomic status taught me to eat. I was conditioned to believe in certain ways about others who I did not even know. I was conditioned to reward myself in unhealthy ways and to see things through the lens of someone else’s history. I was raised by people who grew up in a depression and a world war. And I love the one’s who conditioned me in these ways SO DEEPLY because I know that they were conditioned to be the way they were too. It was all they knew and if you understand the human brain, genetics, conditioning, and coping you understand how it can be extremely difficult to overcome lifelong struggles with unhealthy habits and addictions. I did say difficult not impossible. With the resources available today, chances of overcoming lifelong struggles are much better than when my parents went through their struggles. Please begin to see how you may have been conditioned and locked into certain belief systems, unhealthy reward behaviors, and destructive coping skills. Take one day at a time and focus on making the best choices you can for your physical and mental health. Set boundaries with food, manage stress with fulfilling outlets, and give full energy and focus to how you can be successful. Honor those who came before you by learning and improving. Start over every day. If you need help seek it. I did. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

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