“Being the richest man in the graveyard is not the goal.” Tony Robbins  There are many reasons to care for yourself no matter your age. Research shows that you will feel more confident, happier, and perform at a higher level in your job and other vital areas of life if you take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. More research demonstrates that people who take care of themselves will experience healthier relationships, boundaries, and fulfillment more than someone who chooses to work hard and live an unhealthy lifestyle. And that is just the beginning. People who care for their health will spend less money on health care and be independent and higher functioning as they get older. If you work hard to earn a good income and cannot enjoy the fruits of your labor because of lifestyle choices, you have done a tragic disservice to yourself. A lot of great people with wonderful hearts of gold cannot enjoy the retirement they have earned because they did not take care of what helped them to earn the money; their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Please do your best to take care of yourself. Manage all levels of stress with healthy outlets and projects. Eat food with boundaries and maintain your physical strength with resistance training and aerobic activity. Learn yourself and manage it well.  Begin as soon as possible. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

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