I Struggled With This and Now Hope to Help You Not To

I am sure it is a shock to those who know me best but I am very susceptible to responding to stress with tremendous anxiety. Historically I have become very nervous in tight financial situations, sports, public speaking, some relationships, and traffic stopping me from making an appointment on time. I have watched family members before me have many of the same reactions I do when stressed. Research reveals that we have genetic and learned responses. Although I cannot change the genetics I have with my hair loss, I can change or alter the genetic I have with the way I respond to life situations. It is some work and discomfort sometimes but I am learning that I can manage the way I internally feel about a situation. I can calm myself and understand the only thing that I can control in life is the way I respond, never the events of an external nature. Staying present or mindful of my emotions, being intentional with my words, and regular introspection is helping me to manage my internal responses to all external events. Anxiety overused leads to poor health outcomes. Heart disease, cancers,  diabetes, brain and other disorders are at least partially affected by the way we process life. Please know the impact you have on yourself in the long term if you respond impulsively and without control to life events. Begin today to be present with the way you are internally responding to life and see some good things in your day.  BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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