For those of you that are unfamiliar with my business, I own a fitness training and health education company that works with multiple demographics and fitness levels. I have been training people for almost 20 years and I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling. Both have taught me how educate and help people through barriers and struggles in and out of the gym. One of the barriers I see in the gym and in life situations is how much energy and thought many of us give to what weakens us. I often ask my clients to lift heavy weights because of the vast amount of evidence as to its’ health benefits. Most of my clients know I would never do anything to hurt them but when I ask them to “go heavy” I often see an immediate “oh no” facial expression followed by sinking of the shoulders, and an exhale. When I ask them to do the weight, I know that they are strong enough and I sincerely believe they can do it.  From a physiological perspective, when we give thought and energy to I can’t, this is too much, or I am not capable, the muscles tighten and hormones are released in the body that actually make us weaker. When we look at the challenge as something we are capable of and say to ourselves “I am strong enough,” muscles become looser and hormones are released in the body that actually help us to be stronger. Whether its’ weights, food, people, or the weight of the world in life, it is important to our recovery to give total energy, thought, and focus to what empowers us. The more we do that, the more we’ll realize that we do have the strength to lift that heavy weight and cope with life in a healthy way. Please continue to move forward with your strengths and know you are capable BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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