I and many that I work with have always struggled with something. Depression, addictions, binge eating and healthy weight management are just some of the things that I have battled in my life. I used to think that I was getting a raw deal in life because of those battles and I often felt like everything was against me. What I had to learn is that there will be many things against me in life and life will sometimes be unfair. My early adulthood years lacked the skills to deal with those unfair times and the struggles were the result. If you struggle there is hope. Please become determined to change what you struggle with and improve yourself by developing the skills necessary to deal with life in a healthy way. And healthy includes happy and fulfilled. Give all energy, thought, and focus to how you can be successful in the change or growth you seek. Learn instead of giving up when faced with challenges and know that resiliency and perseverance are the keys to it all. Keep at it and never give up. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



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