My Alone Time Lesson

When I was a little boy I used to wish I had someone to play with. I LOVED sports and was obsessed with all of them and even though my brother would play often with me, he had things he liked to do as well. I hated to play alone and often sought neighborhood kids to play with and they, like my brother, lacked the passion I had for a bat, glove, hoop, and tee. So I would play by myself when no one else could and wish there was someone else there. I practiced for hours alone and took full advantage when others could play, coercing them to stay longer than they wanted sometimes. I spent every waking moment playing or studying sports and the only part I hated about it was when I had to do them alone. I eventually won individual titles in punt, pass, and kick and excelled at baseball as a pitcher. But there was still the sadness of the times I had to do them alone and I continually hoped to find the person who would be there for me to play with. They never were.

My Lesson

Looking back, it was the time I spent alone that made me excel in the areas I did. Hating that time alone cost me dearly and taught me to not appreciate or develop one of the greatest gifts I have; my ability to learn, grow, and excel through my own hard work and determination. I did not appreciate or value me. I felt as though I needed someone else to enjoy life, be complete, or to help me get better. But it was not true. While support is important, it does not make someone better. Your own work, time with yourself, and the confidence that you have the ability to enjoy life, be successful, work through challenges, and live fulfilled are the true keys to improvement in any area. I have had so many wonderful teachers, mentors, and friends who support me and the mission I have. God has put great people in my life to teach me. I have the most loving wife and I feel so blessed by our marriage. But my mission is still up to me and I love the time alone to grow and get better at it. I even go shoot a basket now and then by myself at the park around the corner. Please know that while support from others is great, all you need is your own support and belief that you can. You can excel and grow in all areas of your life. You can BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

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