The change process is never an easy one but it is worth it. A common trait with people who make large change in life is resiliency. It is important to learn how to overcome “failure” so you can create the successful behaviors needed to achieve a life. Many of us have made the decision to quit or give up on an endeavor when large scale changes did not occur almost immediately after we began. BE PATIENT! We did not create the health we currently are at overnight. For many of us, it has been a life time of creation. Positive behavioral change requires time but is the ONLY true way to make lasting changes for the better. To continually rely on diets, preplanned eating programs, medications, surgeries and other non-behavioral methods will only yield short term and/or temporary success.  In other words, do not give up NO MATTER WHAT. The individuals who are successful may have “got knocked down” a few times during his or her attempts to bring about change but continued the battle and GOT BACK UP EVERYTIME.  If things did not go as planned today or changes are not occurring in life as fast as you would like, PLEASE continue the fight. GET BACK UP; LEARN FROM IT AND MOVE ON TO TOMORROW. If others have been able to create significant changes you can too. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Here are a few questions that have helped many individuals learn how to overcome the lifelong habit of giving up on a goal. It is important to think about it carefully and to hand write the answers.

Exercise: In the space below, list three previous occasions that you began a weight loss or health improvement program and stopped without reaching your desired goal.


  • At age 23, I began to exercise and eat more vegetables but after one month I was still at the same weight and felt it was not working for me so I quit.
  • At age 30, I began a diet that I had read in a magazine. I was miserable and lasted only for a few days when I had an overwhelming craving for junk food and soda. I ended up giving into my cravings and binged on everything I could find for days.
  • I joined a weight loss support where attending meetings was a requirement. I did not like the people there and felt as though they did not like me. I went to three meetings and decided it was not for me.

Now it is your turn:







Based on the above answers, in the space below list three ways that you can create a different outcome for yourself this time and reach the goal you have set for weight loss or improved health.


  • I will understand that I did not reach my current state of health or weight in one month and I will be patient with my weight loss.
  • This time, I will study and eat for my health and longevity. I will not try a crash diet from a magazine and instead educate myself properly to be healthy and maximize metabolism.
  • I will stick to the program that I choose NO MATTER WHAT! I will also understand that support from others is vital to my success and I will welcome feedback from others who are qualified. I will also understand this may not include immediate family members.

Now it is your turn:







Why do you think that some people are able to come from broken homes, addicted parents, severe obesity, poverty, abuse, poor health and other disadvantages and make positive changes that lead to successful behaviors?



Why do you think others do not?


So why do people change? It begins with an individuals’ choice to begin to “do the work” necessary to begin the change process. It is often a struggle for many. If you are sincerely tired of where you are at in life and truly desire to change, then the struggle will be worth it. Resiliency has been the key for centuries with individuals overcoming large obstacles to become successful. If you study business people, singers of all genres, actors or actresses, champion athletes or WEIGHT LOSS success stories nearly all will say that the key to his or her success was resiliency. Good health is truly wealth. The journey will be worth it! This time, stick to your goal NO MATTER WHAT and enjoy all of the benefits that good health can bring.

If we are going to change physically, we must go through the physical discomfort of exercise. If we are going to change lifelong ways of eating, coping, and reacting we must go through the emotional discomfort of looking at ourselves DEEPLY and PERSEVERING through the discomfort. Take your time in this process of self-discovery and do the work necessary to enact the change you are seeking. It is critical to staying focused and for your self-improvement.

Self-awareness questions:

Am I in denial about ANYTHING today as it relates to the way I have eaten, exercised, or other areas of health?


How can I be more honest with myself in the future to avoid my lifelong practice of denial?


Today, was I open-minded to the feedback from those who are qualified to help me with my goals of a healthier and leaner body?


Was I defensive when I was confronted by someone who I have sought out as support for my health and weight loss goals?


How can improve in the future to be more receptive and open-minded to the feedback of others?


Am I surrendering to the fact that I need help and feedback from others?


Did I read and/or listen to materials today that will help my personal growth and assist me in staying focused on my goal of a healthier and leaner body?


If I did not listen to or read material that will help my personal growth or assist me with my health goals, what is the HONEST reason for not having done so.


How can I manage my time tomorrow to make sure that I include positive material time?


Am I in denial about the impact my current weight or state of health will have on myself or others who care about me?


Am I showing those that care about me that I also care for them by taking care of my health to the best of my ability TODAY?


How can I better understand tomorrow that there is no positive outcome to obesity or poor health practices and that my choices affect many others, especially those who care for me deeply?


Do I understand that perseverance is the key to overcoming major obstacles or creating large scale changes in life?


If I felt like giving up today on my goal of a healthier and leaner body, what can I do tomorrow to regain the drive and desire that has led me to begin this program in the first place?


Am I willing to fight with all that I have to create the healthy and lean body that I desire?






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