Unfortunately, many people believe that they cannot accomplish  goals because they are “lacking something”  or that something or someone is “against” them such as age, failures in the past, current weight, economic level, environment, family, spouse, physical limitations etc. On the other side of the coin however is the person who has accomplished the goal you are seeking and has had greater or equal “disabilities.” They were able to accomplish the goal despite the assumption that they are at a disadvantage. In the space below, list 5 areas where you see yourself as having a disadvantage that may inhibit your goal of a healthy weight or lifestyle.


  • I have tried in the past to lose weight and I have never been able to lose it and keep it off. I am starting to believe that I am just supposed to be this weight.
  • My husband does not support me with my health goals. It is harder for me because he brings all of the bad food into the house and tempts me.
  • My [mother/coaches/teachers/classmates] criticized me a lot about my weight when I was young. I now feel that whenever people talk to me about my weight whether it be doctors, trainers, or friends I automatically feel “attacked.”
  • People don’t understand how hard it is for me. Other people can lose weight and eat anything and I put on weight just looking at food. I get angry at people who are skinny and overeat and feel that it is unfair to me.
  • All of my friends eat unhealthy foods and drink. It is hard to resist and everyone gives me a hard time when I try to eat healthy foods when we are out.

Now it is your turn to identify YOUR barriers or how you see yourself as disadvantaged:


In the space below, list 5 ways that you can believe differently about your “disabilities” that will enable you to reach your goal of a healthier weight and life.


  • I have tried to lose weight in the past and have not been successful. This time will be different. I will practice healthy nutrition habits every day. I will exercise regularly and I will stay determined to reach my goal of a healthier and lean body even if it is hard. I will stick to my goal no matter how big the temptation, no matter how easy it is to go back into old habits or give up. I will read inspirational stories of weight loss regularly to stay motivated. I will surround myself with people who support and challenge me to improve my overall self. I will not give up.
  • My husband/spouse/partner does not support me in my weight loss goals. I will find support from friends, online, trainers or other people at the gym, and other family members. I will lead by example and will motivate others by my actions.
  • Although many have criticized me and I have allowed them to impact me in a bad way, I will not allow it ANYMORE. What judgmental or hurtful people have to say about me or to me will not affect me other than to motivate me to reach my goals. I will value only those peoples’ opinions that have my best interests in mind and the experts that can teach or challenge me to be better. I will also be more open to the feedback of people who genuinely are trying to help me.
  • It has been hard for me in the past to lose weight and keep it off. But I also know that it has been hard for others but they learned how to be successful. We are all unique genetically and require different things. I will try harder!
  • I love my friends but also want to be healthier. I will eat something healthy before I go out or choose healthy options while I am there. I will also add people in my life that support and share my goal of being healthier in every way. I will stay resilient to be successful!

Now it is your turn to overcome YOUR OWN barriers:





THE ONLY BARRIER YOU HAVE IS THE BELIEF THAT YOU HAVE BARRIERS! Please figure out how you can work through things in your life that are a barrier to YOUR best and healthiest self. Begin as soon as possible for yourself and those who love you. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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