As I sit here and look at my father’s picture just above the keyboard, I am reminded how one’s health choices affect those that love them. My father was a brilliant man who was raised in the woods with violent, hard-drinking uncles who conditioned him to be the same. His father died when he was three months old due to the horrendous flu epidemic of 1918, which is estimated to have killed 50-100 million people worldwide. His mother left him with the uncles and grandmother in the woods because of severe depression from the death of her husband and father of her two boys. My dad’s brother was deaf so my father was given the responsibility of caring for his deaf brother, dealing with the crazy uncles, and learning how to support himself and his brother at an early age. He only knew what he was exposed to with minimal exposure outside of the 30 mile square radius of the ranch and lumber camp the family owned. He worked hard, did not have the skills developed to manage his temper, drank constantly, smoked, and ate a lot of red meat. Even with all of this, he still managed to start a small construction company and make it profitable. He was brilliant but suffered immensely because of the choices he made. I am not even sure he knew he had a choice. He died way too early at 62 and did exactly as he knew.

A Different Era Today

We live in a different world than that of my father. We have access to so much information and we are witnessing people from 20-90 take advantage of the endless knowledge we have access to. Please know that you have choices today. For some it is extremely difficult to make the healthy choice and we understand the struggle is truly real. We understand conditioning, lack of coping strategies, reward systems, and addiction. But it is so important to you and those who love you. While we understand the struggle and the many things that go into a choice we also understand resilience. We also understand the importance of making your change a top priority NOW! We understand you have what it takes to overcome any struggle you have. YOU JUST HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT! Begin as soon as possible to learn how to work through what you struggle with. Exercise yourself to be healthy not extreme. Enjoy food and life with boundaries. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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