We cannot change the way we have done things in the past. We can only accept it without judgment of ourselves and others and learn from our histories. If the way you have coped with life in the past has created great health and good choices I say congratulations. If you have struggled and are open to what has worked for hundreds of others I also say congratulations. You are on your way to great health! Here is some of the things that has worked for me and hundreds of others who have decided to change the way they cope with life events.

  1. We all accepted that the way we were coping with life events was not working and was making us unhealthy
  2. We were all HUNGRY for change
  3. We have a significant reason to begin to take the action to make change whether it was children or family, physical pain or lack of mobility, low self-esteem, or the desire to have a partner in life

If these criteria fit you and you would like to cope with life in healthier ways then consider doing what the other success stories have done

  1. Create a plan and follow it. Plan for exercise, how you will set boundaries with food (calories or macros), and how you will manage your emotions when faced with challenges. Start over each day and stay focused on your big goals!
  2. Learn to recognize when you may be at risk for emotional eating or not coping with life in a healthy way.. Distracting yourself from “autopilot” coping and ultimately learning it is not the event that happens to you in life but rather the way you respond will be the key to moving forward with big change. Not allowing the exterior events to control our interior response takes practice but is so freeing! What we give our energy and thought to will grow like a weed if we feed it, especially those of us who struggle to manage coping responses. When you want to go back to autopilot ways of dealing with life, shift your energy and thought to a healthier response and your strong reason for desiring change.
  3. Get back to good health practices if you have had a day where you did not make the healthiest choices. Do not beat yourself up. Just start over. You are only human!
  4. Place yourself in environments that support your change. Going to the gym, support groups, and social gatherings where others are of like mind will help you when your normal circle of friends and family do not share your health choices. Love who you love and spend time with those you love but make good health choices in all environments.
  5. Treat your body and brain good with reading, music, rest, fun activities and service to others. We are multifaceted creatures who need multiple things to help us get through the stress of events in life.
  6. Stay resilient! The key to any endeavor in life!

I sincerely hope this helps you to get started on a new path to good health practices and coping skills. I know a lot of people who have struggled for years. I also know a lot of people who no longer struggle. It is time to create the life and health that you deserve. It is time to be your own miracle!



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