As individuals seeking great health in all areas of life, the importance of focusing on your own self-development versus the “flaws” of others is so vital to the growth process. It sounds so simple but I witness many who continue to struggle because of past bad experiences, resentments, and blame. I did it for years and looked often to people, places, and things outside of myself as being the reason I could not overcome many things, achieve other things, and be the overall healthy person I was seeking. It is still an autopilot response for so many when life throws us curves or things do not work out in the manner we had hoped for. It is a daily work for me to accept 100% responsibility for every place I am in my life. But it is freedom to do so. Today I get to choose to take care of my body and brain with healthy exercise. Today I get to take care of my emotions with the self-awareness that I can only control the way I respond to events and people in life. I can choose to respond with calm, open-mindedness, and love because I am fixing only myself. I choose 100% responsibility. You can too! BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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