I have witnessed myself and others battle with many of the same things for years. Addictions, managing food intake, people pleasing, impulsive anger responses, ADHD, and depression are just some of the things that prevent us from being healthy, fulfilled, and high functioning. We tried many things hoping to change and continuously fail. We beat ourselves up, feel shame, and often wonder if we can ever escape the revolving door that never seems to have an opening. We have locked into belief systems and coping skills that have not served us well and that is okay. We are good people who struggle with things just like most of the world. For many, the only things that ever changed were the medication dosages. We believed what we were told by medical and behavioral health professionals who truly meant well. It did not result in a healthier outcome mentally, physically, or emotionally. We continued to struggle. The traditional medical model has not worked well on its’ own for things that can be changed with behavioral and lifestyle adjustments. Thankfully there are ways to move forward and step out of the revolving door cycle of struggle and live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. Research says it to be true. I have witnessed it to be true with the change of others. I have lived it to be true.

A Key To Overcoming Struggle: Intentionally change what you put into your mind. 

One of the ways to overcome struggle is to change what you put into your mind. What you read, listen to, your self-talk, what you “feed” in your mind, and your own self-awareness will impact how you overcome struggles. Train your mind to direct you toward success, no matter the hand you’ve been dealt in life. I hope this helps:

  • Begin the day with reading materials that lead to physical, emotional, and mental health improvement is a good way to start. This creates the beginning mindset of being successful for the day.
  • The talk you have with yourself and what you put into your mind through self –talk is also extremely important. Viewing life through a positive lens is very good for long term health as is “talking yourself into” exercise and eating nutritious foods. If you have self-talk that promotes making less than healthy choices, it is VITAL to recognize it immediately and change your internal dialogue to promoting the benefits of healthier choices.
  • Giving energy and thought to being your best in all areas of life will lead to a healthier life. Giving energy and thought to events and experiences that bring you anger, resentment, depression, and anxiety will lead to a less than healthy outcome. Create positive affirmations and things that encourage you to be successful.

I hope that you choose to be healthier. I hope that you choose to BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

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