More and more research is showing the benefits of strength training as an important part of a healthy, happy, and high functioning life. Research also demonstrates the need for a plan when it comes to building strength. Many people however did not grow up in the gym or playing sports and do not know how to properly develop a strength building plan that is safe and effective. We have worked with many people who know they need to work on their strength but do not know how. Contrary to many other fitness methods, we do not believe that you have to become miserably sore to become stronger. In fact, the no pain no gain method may do more harm than good for many. Here are three keys to beginning a strength training program if you do not know how.

  1. Work different parts of the body daily. Example:On Monday/Thursday do upper body exercises and Tuesday/Friday do lower body exercises. This will also require you to study the different machines and  free weight exercises that you can safely do. The more you know the sooner you will go from beginner to intermediate. If necessary, hire a nonjudgmental trainer or ask a knowledgeable friend to help you learn the exercises properly.
  2. Do not overdo it to start with. The introduction of strength training creates a new stressor for the brain and body. If you treat it as a gentle and wise introduction, the body will adapt in a healthy, safe way to the new stress you have chosen to put it through.
  3. Always see it as beneficial. The way you see and process events in your life have a physiological effect on the brain and the body. This applies to strength training as well. If you see strength training as a chore, something you hate, or something you’re bad at then the body will respond with tighter muscles, less strength, and an additional stress response that is harmful to the body. Contrarily, if you see strength training as beneficial then the body will respond with a freer range of motion, faster strength gains, and you will increase your chances of sticking with it over the long term, which is the goal. Focus on your strengths, be patient, and see strength training as something that will help you.

I hope this can help someone who struggles begin a strength training program. Please know the importance of strength training for your health no matter where you are at in your life. We witness people from 20-90 changing their lives daily by developing strength. And you can too! If you need help, seek it. Strong body, strong mind! BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

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