Make YOUR Own Strength Monday!

Congratulations to Jacqi for attending at least four exercise sessions a week for the last year! This is an incredible feat for someone who hated exercise and who had not exercised for more than a few weeks at a time during her adult life. I’ve had the blessing to know Jacqi for almost twenty years. She is a nurse, single mom, and daughter who puts others first all of the time. While she still is a helper to so many, Jacqi has committed to helping herself become healthier over the last year and the results have been phenomenal. When she first walked through the doors at Miracles Fitness, Jacqi expressed concern over her lack of strength and described herself as weak. Fortunately for her though, her strength is not totally measured in how much she can lift. It is measured in her determination, perseverance, and resiliency. That has led to incredible strength gains with the weights and pounds down on the scale. In fact, Jacqi holds the record for strongest female bench press at Miracles Fitness now! And she is still a full time nurse, single mom, and helper to he father. She has used the strengths she possesses inside to help herself physically which has ultimately helped her mentally and emotionally. At first she gave only thought and focus to her “weakness” and the weight against her, which slowed her progress. When she learned to give energy and focus to how strong she is and not the weight against her, her progress skyrocketed in every area. Now all the weights on her shoulders; in the gym, at work, home, or in life are handled by focusing on her strengths. No less weight on her shoulders, just a healthier way of handling it.. Please focus today on your strengths and how you can work through the weights of life in a healthy way. Manage your mood, your food, and get some healthy exercise. Seek nonjudgmental feedback and support. If you need help get it. Your positive results are waiting. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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