There is a long running joke at the gym among the clients that everyone must agree with me, laugh at my jokes, and like my singing or they will have to do extra squats, push-ups, and listen to me sing louder. Since most of my clients understand the value of boundaries and are empowered to communicate with me openly, most of the time the extra push-up idea and listening to me sing never happens and often ends up in a “whatever” or “be quiet.” And although we keep it light, welcoming, and fun we still get a lot of work done and collaborate together to discover our own personal journey of health and lifestyle modification.

My Way or the Highway

Having a Master’s Degree in Counseling and working as a therapist for a while helped me to see things through other people’s eyes. I understand how powerful the brain is when we get “locked into” unhealthy behaviors and how essential it is to deal with life in a healthy way for our own happiness. I have learned as a fitness trainer theories, fitness routines, and exercise form. I have learned through life experience, my parents, and hard knocks that there is more than one way to do things and to respect others. I see way too many trainers and therapists struggling to grasp the last one. I love my counseling family and fitness teacher friends but so many more people could be helped if we just let go of our ego. I and many of those who I love have suffered due to someone who is paid to help us having a closed mind, being ego or money driven, and uneducated in other methods. While there are certain things that have a high success rate for some, there are still others where those same techniques would drive them away from the help they need. They are not wrong, stupid, or dysfunctional for not fitting into some predetermined way of being a human. And they need help too.  Please meet each person where they are at individually and educate yourself on how to use different methods to help the person you serve. It may save a life. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

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