It is amazing to witness all of the miraculous people who continue to live healthier and happier because of the health choices they are making!

  • Juan is down nearly 30 lbs. total and is moving better, feeling better, and is more confident than he was a year ago.
  • Juan’s wife Alyssa is down to a size she has not been in in over 10 years, is able to move better despite severe back issues, and is significantly stronger.
  • Mollie is down over 10 lbs., regularly competes in Spartan events and is running the Ragnar Relay next weekend. She is so much stronger!
  • Alex has lost 25 lbs. total and has developed consistent exercise habits and healthy boundaries with food.
  • Marie has lost over 30 lbs. and feels better physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Jeremy runs and does resistance training 4-5 times a week despite years of not exercising after a serious auto accident. He also has been cigarette free for over a year!
  • Anne is down to a size that she has not been in since high school (she’s over 50 now), has less knee pain, and looks great.
  • Chris has put on 20 lbs. of quality muscle and has doubled his strength in many areas.
  • Kay has lost 30 lbs. after age 65, is stronger than she was 4 months ago, and moves easier every day.
  • Sonni has doubled her strength levels and feels less stress related shoulder pain.
  • Jacqui has lost 30 lbs. and has not missed a workout since mid-December after hating exercise her whole life.
  • Joyce is maintaining a 30 lbs. weight loss and has increased strength levels in all areas.
  • Justin has gained several pounds of quality muscle after slow or no muscle gains for years.

And the list could go on and on! Everyone listed above has so many barriers and “reasons” each could use to choose to not live healthier. But each one has learned how to manage these barriers differently and in a healthier way. All have incredible resiliency and insight and continue to recognize how they can improve. And they are no different from you. You can be healthier and happier. You can learn how to overcome barriers and live life fulfilled. You can impact yourself and those who love you in a positive way. But PLEASE begin as soon as possible. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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