Lately I have been ruminating about people who I love that continue to struggle with addictions, depression, anxiety, and resentment. I have lost sleep, really struggled to manage food with boundaries, and have exercised minimally. Because of my lack of self-care for the past couple of days I have been depressed, anxious, impulsively angry, and resentful. I began to go into my autopilot response of “life isn’t fair to me” and crave a binge, lifelong practices when I have not been proactive with my well-being. But the difference now is I have the tools to work through and recognize that it is my response to the cards that are dealt to me, not the way the dealer handed me the cards. I recognize the HUGE impact that sleep has on my ability to manage food, think clearly, and stay present with my thoughts and emotions. I also recognize that if I do not stay resilient with my self-care, I will stay depressed, anxious, and angry;  I hate being there. So I got back on today. I made sure I went to sleep early and when the ruminating thoughts of sadness for others crept in, I put them to sleep with a focus on all that is good. I slept well and ran with my wiener dog this morning, something that brings me joy (running and my dog). I planned my meals and planned how I will be successful throughout my day, including when events of the day are challenging. Please take care of your health and overall well-being today. Know how you and the  way you treat yourself GREATLY affects those who love you and the way you treat them. Be healthy, be well. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE! HAVE A GREAT AND HEALTHY WEEKEND!

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