When you are trying to overcome or change a behavior, it is important to focus on how you can be successful instead of focusing on the behavior, the failures, or how you have been defeated in the past. I as much as anyone know struggles and how hard they are to overcome, especially if they are lifelong. Learn from “failures” (which really are blessings in disguise), seek guidance through books and nonjudgmental people, and learn to be resilient and nonjudgmental of yourself. Keep moving forward toward your goal of a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. There will always be obstacles and events in life that will challenge us to go backwards and lose the progress we have made. The trick is to keep moving forward and not let the days that are not our best to turn into a habit. The mind that wants to defeat you will do just that if you let it. Feed the mind that wants you to be successful. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



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