Most of us have unfortunately experienced trauma in our lives. It undoubtedly had an effect on your belief system and for some it has lasted a lifetime. Many of us, me included, did not cope with these life events in healthy ways. We self-medicated with drugs, alcohol, food, and other ways that led or will lead to consequences of  poor health, deficient brain function, depression, and poor relationships. Some of us even have traumatized others because of the poor health choices we have made and the lack of coping skills and healthy mental functioning. No one is more compassionate when it comes to family, genetic, and social conditioning than me. I truly know how hard it is to change the way you believe about life and your history. Continuing to let what has happened in the past to control you in a negative way affects every fiber of your body in a negative way. More and more research is documenting how depression, resentment, anger, and anxiety hurt our brains and bodies. We literally destroy ourselves. Please get help to move forward and be healthy. If you need professional help get it. It is recommended that you seek out help from someone who can help you get better. Unfortunately, many behavioral health agencies will reinforce you staying depressed for money reasons. If you are happy they lose money. Learn from books and others how to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled. Exercise, feed yourself healthy food, and have people in your life who both support and challenge you. Focus only on today’s present moments and see the good. Help someone who is struggling. Help yourself with a higher functioning and healthy life. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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