The way that we begin our day is so important. If your goal is to manage your life in a high functioning and healthy way, the first few minutes of the day may be vital to the success of your goal. Caring for all aspects of your health in the waking hours begins with the words you say to yourself in those first few minutes. Those that live in the healthiest way engage in self-talk that leads to the healthiest actions. They give energy, focus, and self-talk to being successful and the actions necessary to achieve that success. They talk themselves into exercise with positive mantras and recognize the need to cultivate good thoughts as they begin the day. They begin the day with being as present and alive as possible and how they will manage food, mood, thought, and how they will respond to events in the day that may not be positive. And you can too! As you begin your day, give thought to how you will live the highest functioning and healthiest life you can today. Talk yourself into physical, mental, and emotional good habits today. Many events and all people in our day are out of our control. The way we respond to those events and people we can. Practice responding in a healthy way with  healthy talk. Begin your day with it. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



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