Every Friday and Monday I like to list some of the people (with permissions) that continue to change their lives for the better because they have changed the way they treat their health. All have physical, environmental, work, or other challenges but continue to display resiliency despite the challenges. They stopped giving into barriers and began working toward success. I feel so blessed to witness such miraculous people.

  • Juan is down 30 lbs, works two jobs, and has a family who he is close with.
  • Juan’s wife Alyssa is down to a size she hasn’t been in since high school (over 10 years). Alyssa has experienced SEVERE back pain for several years and has still doubled her strength levels along with the weight loss.
  • Joyce has lost 28 lbs. and is stronger in her 60’s than she was in her 50’s. This is despite having a shoulder and knee that are in constant pain and working full time.
  • Anne is at a weight and size in her 50’s that she has NEVER been in adulthood. She rarely misses an exercise session, works full time, cares for children and grandchildren, and has been dealt things in life that would derail many, but she perseveres.
  • Justin continues to put on good muscle definition, add strength, and maintain a healthy eating plan. He works more than full time in a 9 to 5, has a great social life, and  is developing his own business. He has had many events that would be setbacks to some but he continue to manage every aspect of his life in a healthy way.
  • Jacqi has not missed an exercise session since the middle of December 2015. For years Jacqi struggled to exercise because of pain in her knees and busy schedule as a nurse. She changed the self-talk she had traditionally used to not exercise into one focused on success, not barriers.

Everyone listed here has a life, multiple barriers, and many reasons why they would not be able to proactively care for their health. But all choose to do so anyway and every one reports how much better they feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. I really know life is hard, events happen, and things hurt. There is no one who is exempt from life and the curves that it will throw us. It is never what is thrown at us but our ability to handle what is thrown at us that matters in the long run. There is a better way to do the business of life and it begins with caring for your physical, emotional, and mental health. Begin as soon as you can. Please seek help as I and the people listed above have if you need it. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



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