I have struggled with lots of things in my life. Weight, addictions (food, drugs, and cigarettes), anger, and depression are just some of the things that I have had to learn how to manage to live my highest functioning life. I have had to learn how to live proactively in my self-care, stay resilient, and be open to feedback among other things. On one occasion I asked one of my mentors to tell me what they thought was one of the key components to change. While support, education, and environment had been the standard answer from others I had asked, this answer was completely different. Without thought he said, “know what you put others through with your choices.” I have been impacted deeply by those I love and the decisions they made, especially with their health. I have also impacted others deeply because of the health choices I have made which include my addictions, depression, anxiety, and impulsive responses. I personally do not want to do that anymore. I am so blessed with family and friends who care about me and I sincerely want to make choices that help me to be healthy. I do not do it “for them.” I do it for my health which impacts others who care about me. I am asking you to see how you impact others with the choices you make with your health. Please manage food with boundaries and get some exercise. If you need help like I do and did, get it as soon as possible. You will love yourself for it. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

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