We always like to start off the week with some of the “miracles” who are changing their lives for the better by taking care of their health.

  • Alyssa is at a size and weight that she has not been in years. She also is more confident and moving much better despite severe back pain.
  • Kaye has lost 22 lbs. and is getting stronger daily, even after age 60. She is eager to learn and constantly seeks feedback to improve.
  • Erin is stronger and leaner as she enters her 40’s than she has ever been in her life. She is learning to use exercise to relieve stress and has much more energy for her 10+ hour workdays.
  • Juan has lost 26 lbs. and is playing his rec league soccer games with improved speed and endurance. He is changing his whole body composition and also is more confident, thinks clearer, and seeks feedback regularly.
  • Leslie is down over 10 lbs. in just over a month. She is so determined to be healthy as she enters her 40’s and is learning how to exercise safely and set boundaries with food.

The list could go on and on of the people who truly are changing every aspect of their lives by changing their health practices. All work, some work two jobs. All have physical challenges or barriers in life that prevent them from doing things, but it still does not stop them. Please do not let it stop you. Try your best to moderately exercise today and have a boundary based food plan. Seek help if you need it. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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