When you are trying to overcome or change a behavior, it is important to focus on how you can be successful instead of focusing on the behavior, the failures, or how you have been defeated in the past. I as much as anyone know struggles and how hard they are to overcome, especially if they are lifelong. Learn from “failures” (which really are blessings in disguise), seek guidance through books and nonjudgmental people, and learn to be resilient and nonjudgmental of yourself. Keep moving forward toward your goal of a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. There will always be obstacles and events in life that will challenge us to go backwards and lose the progress we have made. The trick is to keep moving forward and not let the days that are not our best to turn into a habit. The mind that wants to defeat you will do just that if you let it. Feed the mind that wants you to be successful. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!




A doctor told me once, “The choices you make with your health over the next ten years will be critical to how you live. If you want to live or exist will be up to you.” I immediately took action to improve my health habits, happiness, and the lack of fulfillment in my life. I began to exercise, learned how to focus on present moment good things, and began doing things both work and play that created a personal flow for me. The original ten years that the doctor told me has now doubled into twenty. I have maintained a weight loss of over 125 lbs, still educate myself about exercise and binge eating, and I have a life’s work and daily activities that I love. I am happy, healthy, and deal with life events in a way that I once would have never thought possible. The doctor gave me the matches but I kept the fire lit inside of me by seeing how much better I felt, how much clearer I thought, and how much more confident I was in myself. Since I started taking the action to improve my physical, mental, and emotional health, life has been an incredible journey. Since I began to help others learn also how to change their health for the better, I have witnessed hundreds of people change depression, low self-esteem, and misery into a healthy, happy, high functioning life. And you can too. The choices you make over the next ten years will really matter with how you will function ten years from now. And it starts with today. If you struggle to make healthy choices, PLEASE seek help.There are so many resources available today to help you. The important thing is to start as soon as possible. Find a safe exercise program for you and learn how to manage food, emotions, and thoughts in a healthy way. Choose to live and not just exist. Choose to BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


Most of us have unfortunately experienced trauma in our lives. It undoubtedly had an effect on your belief system and for some it has lasted a lifetime. Many of us, me included, did not cope with these life events in healthy ways. We self-medicated with drugs, alcohol, food, and other ways that led or will lead to consequences of  poor health, deficient brain function, depression, and poor relationships. Some of us even have traumatized others because of the poor health choices we have made and the lack of coping skills and healthy mental functioning. No one is more compassionate when it comes to family, genetic, and social conditioning than me. I truly know how hard it is to change the way you believe about life and your history. Continuing to let what has happened in the past to control you in a negative way affects every fiber of your body in a negative way. More and more research is documenting how depression, resentment, anger, and anxiety hurt our brains and bodies. We literally destroy ourselves. Please get help to move forward and be healthy. If you need professional help get it. It is recommended that you seek out help from someone who can help you get better. Unfortunately, many behavioral health agencies will reinforce you staying depressed for money reasons. If you are happy they lose money. Learn from books and others how to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled. Exercise, feed yourself healthy food, and have people in your life who both support and challenge you. Focus only on today’s present moments and see the good. Help someone who is struggling. Help yourself with a higher functioning and healthy life. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


In the past, what was recommended for exercise was thirty minutes of physical fitness activity (moderate intensity) for the majority of the days of the week. Currently, the weekly recommendation for physical activity (for individuals aged 18 to 65) is two and a half hours of cardio (moderate intensity) in addition to muscle strengthening (such as resistance training or weight lifting) on two or more days. Exercise and mixed exercise (aerobic and resistance) are more effective than aerobic exercise alone in reducing patient-perceived symptoms of depression.

Although walking is known as the most frequent form of physical activity recommended by health care professionals, mixed exercise (aerobic and resistance) is more effective than aerobic exercise alone in reducing patient-perceived symptoms of depression. In health care settings, advice from a medical professional has the potential to lead to short-term (less than 12 weeks) increases in physical activity. However, referrals to exercise specialists can lead to long-term (up to eight months) change in both health care and community settings.

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Seek out help if you need it. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE.

Tune Into Your Self Tuesday

I woke up at 2am thinking about a recent event that caused great sadness and hurt to a friend I care about deeply. Her adult son is mentally and emotionally abusive to her and continues to do things that are hurtful for no reason other than to be cruel. I ruminated about this until my normal wake up time arrived so I am sleep deprived and tired as I write this (please forgive any errors). As someone who has historically suffered from Binge Eating Disorder, I know that being tired puts me at an increased risk to overeat, to do things mindlessly, and to justify behaviors that are against my goal of being a healthy, high-functioning, and whole person. So I stay aware and present. Since I know of my increased risk to binge because of my sleep deprivation, I have also communicated to those who support my recovery of what is going on with me today. I will also stay in a mindset of gratitude and introspection to ensure present moments don’t become mindless unhealthy decisions. My goal is to be tuned into myself today and everyday. I hope you are too. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


The way that we begin our day is so important. If your goal is to manage your life in a high functioning and healthy way, the first few minutes of the day may be vital to the success of your goal. Caring for all aspects of your health in the waking hours begins with the words you say to yourself in those first few minutes. Those that live in the healthiest way engage in self-talk that leads to the healthiest actions. They give energy, focus, and self-talk to being successful and the actions necessary to achieve that success. They talk themselves into exercise with positive mantras and recognize the need to cultivate good thoughts as they begin the day. They begin the day with being as present and alive as possible and how they will manage food, mood, thought, and how they will respond to events in the day that may not be positive. And you can too! As you begin your day, give thought to how you will live the highest functioning and healthiest life you can today. Talk yourself into physical, mental, and emotional good habits today. Many events and all people in our day are out of our control. The way we respond to those events and people we can. Practice responding in a healthy way with  healthy talk. Begin your day with it. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!