On Monday I try to list a few of the  miraculous people changing their lives for the better by changing the way they treat their health. Each one is in his or her own place with fitness history, age, cultural background etc. All are different in that way but identical in the way they have approached their health practices with focus, resiliency, open-mindedness, and a desire to live a healthy life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. People like Joyce who has lost 25 lbs., increased her strength levels dramatically, and continues to get stronger and healthier despite being past age 55 and battling constant shoulder and knee pain. She is truly miraculous. Another great story is Marie. This nurse and mother of three adult children has lost 40+ lbs. and continues to get stronger in both endurance and resistance exercises. She also feels better about herself and is focused on long term health. Juan is down 27 lbs. and at age thirty is lighter than he was in high school. He is still competing in soccer at a level he enjoys and is teaching his daughter the importance of taking care of her health. Alyssa is another miraculous story of resiliency. Despite constant severe back pain, working full time, and duties as a mom and wife, she gets 10,000 steps in a day, does resistance training 3-4 times a week, and plans healthy meals. She is down about 20 lbs. and moving better than she has in years. She is also the wife of Juan so family support and goal sharing is an important part. She works out with her daughter and both her and Juan are changing familial history with their health practices. IT IS AMAZING TO WITNESS THIS FAMILY! The people that I mentioned today are no more athletic, smarter, special, or any other thing than you are. What they all did do however was to see the need to make some changes, learn how to fight through when they would have given up, and be open to support. And you can too. Please begin as soon as possible and if you need help seek it. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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