Monday is always a day to start fresh with your health habits and focus on all that is good. As always, we do the same thing. Congratulations to all of the miraculous people who are taking the action to stay strong physically, practice resiliency, and enjoy healthier, happier, and higher functioning lives. Congratulations to Juan and Alyssa who have both reached goal weights and haven’t been at their current weight in years. In addition, they are married and teaching their daughter how to be healthy with exercise and having boundaries with food. Many of us were conditioned through culture, family eating habits, unhealthy coping skills, and other means to eat in ways that do not serve our health. Our parents and others were doing what they know and the best they could. Please focus on how your health choices impact you and those who love you in the long term. Congratulations also to Jacqi who has not missed an exercise session in nine months after going years of hating exercise and without exercise. She has changed the conversation she has with herself and the way she sees exercise. She has learned that exercise can be safe, does not have to be extreme, and is beneficial to how she feels, functions, and handles stress in her day. She is changing her life by changing her health habits. And you can too but please do not put it off. The sooner the better for you and your health. If you struggle to maintain a health commitment, ask for help. Miracles of Phoenix Fitness specializes in people who do not feel comfortable in traditional gyms and need help. Enjoy your Monday. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!



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