The eyes are the window to the soul. Seeing good things in life  is healthy and is an evidenced based way to long term happiness.

This Week’s Miracles

Congratulations to all of the people who are changing their lives by changing health choices:

  • Juan is down 26 lbs and fitting into a size he hasn’t since high school despite working two jobs
  • Joyce is down 18 lbs. and getting stronger by the week in spite of injuries and a busy work schedule
  • Darla is maintaining her 70+ lb. weight loss and at age 71 feels better and is stronger than she was at 61. She also works full time.
  • Jacqi has not missed one workout in six months, has quadrupled her strength levels in most exercises, feels less pain and is changing her life through focused, intentional choices. It is amazing to watch!

There are so many more stories of life changing, miraculous people who no longer will give into the self-defeating talk that has been their history. Each and every person knows that they are valuable and that health matters. If you struggle to stay on track with your health practices, it is okay to ask for help. Many of us are glad we did. As the people I mentioned above, you are valuable and deserve all of the benefits that healthy choices will give you. Please start as soon as possible to work on increasing or keeping the strength you have. Begin to set daily boundaries with food and use each day as a learning experience for the day after. #beyourownmiracle



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