The Best Support For Your New Years Resolution

The Phoenix Healthy Life Program is designed to help people who have traditionally struggled to maintain healthy life choices. The program is evidence based, has already helped hundreds of people, and will provide the following:

  • Nonjudgmental and understanding support as you move through your health journey (3 individual and group meetings/classes per week)
  • Nutrition classes to help you learn healthy eating habits, recipes etc.
  • Highly effective lifestyle modification instruction that will teach you how to avoid coping, rewarding, and comforting yourself with food
  • Methods to manage impulsive and historically uncontrollable behaviors
  • Tools to help you live a happy and fulfilled life

The Phoenix Healthy Life Program is a program of resiliency. While we are based in Phoenix, Arizona, The Phoenix Healthy Life Program is not named for the city where we began. In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. The Phoenix Healthy Life Program is a program of rebirth. In 2015, our programs helped individuals lose weight, manage addictions, depression, and anxiety, develop permanent positive health practices, and become happier overall. It is amazing to see people begin a new life! And you can too. IT IS TIME TO MAKE THE CHANGES YOU NEED TO IN 2016! PLEASE ALLOW US TO HELP. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE IN 2016! To sign up: or 602-989-1978. If you are not in the Phoenix area, the program is available online and has helped people all over North America become healthier. Overcome the barriers beginning NOW!

Introductory class/support meeting January 1st @ 3pm. Start your New Year’s off on the right foot. Sign up today! $45 a month for unlimited meetings and support! FIRST CLASS FREE!