I often share the amazing weight loss stories that occur as people transform into healthier lives. These stories are awesome and motivational for many but there is more to lifestyle transformation than just weight loss. People are also learning to manage depression, anxiety, anger, and addictions through exercise. Others are overcoming back problems, bone degeneration associated with aging, and gaining strength as they age instead of getting weaker. One such person is Patty. Faced with an Osteopenia diagnosis, Patty decided to really begin focusing on her health as she reached her 60th birthday and began to take the action necessary to improve her bone strength and overall health. In the two years that has passed Patty has improved her overall strength levels and recent tests show positive results with her bones. At the beginning of 2015, Patty relayed to me that this is the first New Year where her resolutions did not involve food or weight loss. She had reached her goals in 2014 and maintained them! She has learned and maintained healthy nutrition and exercise habits and has gained physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.  Her goal now is to continue to get stronger and grow and I know she will do it! She is amazing! Our health is so valuable. Please take care of yours! If we can help please contact us at  BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

The Build YOUR Healthy Life Program helps individuals and organizations create permanent positive health practices through evidence based, unique, and highly effective lifestyle education. The program teaches participants how to live strong for decades and create permanent, healthy, self-care practices. If we can help you or your company improve your health practices please feel free to contact us at We offer educational seminars and products, individual life coaching, healthy fitness training in our gym, your home or business and online. BECOME A MIRACLE!

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