Change Your Lifelong Struggles In Life

It has been a topic of discussion recently in the gym the importance of early life conditioning and how it impacts belief systems, health choices, and almost every aspect of our lives. Many of us became what we saw and heard through family, neighborhood, culture, religious affiliations, and media. What we “locked into” early in life combined with what we were “hardwired” for genetically make it a struggle to change for many. Making the healthiest food choices, maintaining positive emotion when faced with challenges, utilizing healthy coping tools, and being nonjudgmental of ourselves and others is not something many of us grew up practicing. If you have been taught to make wise and healthy choices I hope you continue to for life. For the rest of us, overcoming our early life conditioning and unhealthy coping skills is a difficult task for sure. If you have ever wondered why you continue to practice behaviors despite guilt, poor health, and other unhealthy consequences you understand how hard change can be. But PLEASE believe me change can be! I see the changes occur every day as people let go of the past and move toward a future that is healthy, happy, and fulfilled. It takes recognition without judgment, determination without resentment, and resiliency without end. If you do not try you will never succeed. Please be willing to go through the discomfort to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Have a peaceful, loving, and healthy weekend. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

The Build YOUR Healthy Life Program helps individuals and organizations create permanent positive health practices through evidence based, unique, and highly effective lifestyle education. It teaches how to live strong for decades and create permanent, healthy, self-care practices. If we can help you or your company improve your health practices please feel free to contact us at We offer educational seminars and products, individual life coaching, healthy fitness training in our gym, your home or business as well as online. BECOME A MIRACLE!


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