Need Some Satisfaction?


I work with people on a regular basis who are 100% dissatisfied in life. Health, finances, happiness, and relationships are on the list of things most are seeking to grow and change in.  A lot of recent research is showing how all are directly correlated and impact each other in a very big way. Health is impacted by all of them. If we struggle financially, emotionally, and in relationships we will have more disabilities. We will experience more overall aches and pains, more depression, more anxiety, more memory disorders, more addictions, and create more negative impacts on ourselves and others. How much you exercise, how you set boundaries with yourself and others, how you see life, how much you smile and laugh, and how you accept the imperfections of others will be the determining factors in how most of us will age physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Choosing a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually will be the only way to lessen the impact of aging and minimize the disabilities. And if you are in your 20’s 30’s, or 40’s please remember that what you do today will impact you later.  I and the others who have and are seeking change thought we were invincible also. We unfortunately weren’t. Whatever the age, whatever you have been through, whatever barriers you have to achieving great health, happiness, and quality of life can be changed. I have witnessed so many people achieve great change at any age and finally be who they deserved to be. I am thankful that I went through the discomfort to change. I hope you do too if you would like to improve the areas of your life that create great health, happiness, and high functioning quality of life. Please do all that you can on a daily basis to:

  • exercise vigorously (your level)
  • maintain boundaries with food and drink
  • create happiness and fulfillment
  • compliment and help others
  • continue to learn from life and books
  • spend wisely
  • love a lot

All of this will require responsibility on your part. Please be responsible for the way you move forward in your life. Please manage your health in a way that will keep you strong physically, happy and fulfilled emotionally, active and engaging mentally, and at peace spiritually. Start today to make all of this happen. Start today and BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

The Build YOUR Healthy Life Program helps individuals and organizations create permanent positive health practices through evidence based, unique, and highly effective lifestyle education. The program teaches participants how to live strong for decades and create permanent, healthy, self-care practices. If we can help you or your company improve your health practices please feel free to contact us at  We offer educational seminars and products, individual life coaching, healthy fitness training in our gym, your home or business and online. BECOME A MIRACLE!


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