Secrets of Those Who Live A Strong, Healthy, Long, and Happy Life!

If we can help you become your own miracle and live a healthy, strong, and happy life please email  We have online, corporate, and individual health and happiness coaching. ENJOY THE NEWSLETTER!  BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


There is a ton of great research showing the traits of those who live healthy, strong, clear, high functioning, and happy as they age. For some, the traits were for life and for others the traits came later into adulthood. You can be healthy and start at any age. Here are some of the traits that research is showing of people who live healthy and happy for years:

  1. They all exercise vigorously. Going for a stroll is nice. A power walk, jog, intense bike ride or circuit training is more beneficial for physical, mental, and emotional health. Vigorously does not mean crazy however. Some of the high risk exercise programs will lead to more time on the sidelines due to injury than you will exercising. Stay focused, stay smart, keep moving forward.
  2. They all set boundaries with food and drink. Learning to manage food intake is vital for long term great health. The people who live healthy for decades still will enjoy an ice cream on Saturday night but eat smaller and foods that are made at home. They also will have a drink on occasion but do not overindulge EVER. If you struggle with alcohol addiction abstinence is the best option.
  3. They all express and feel gratitude. It is healthier to see the good things that we have in life. Nothing or no one is ever perfect. If you have expectations of perfection you will be disappointed. The healthiest people express and feel sincere gratitude for the people, the beauty, and the events that lead to growth and fulfillment. See and surround yourself with good. Be thankful, be healthy, and be happy.
  4. They all try to make a day brighter. This could be anything from a sincere compliment to a coworker to helping someone in the spur of the moment to scheduled volunteer service. People who live healthy physically also live healthy mentally and emotionally. Get out of yourself!
  5. They all move forward in life. The healthiest people accept past events, make peace with whatever happened in the past, take responsibility for the way they respond and no longer blame their victimizers or anyone else for the choices they make. Self-pity can lead to seriously unhealthy justifications. Please move forward.
  6. They all learn and study. Educating yourself about yourself and learning things you are interested in are great for your health. Learn about your own behavioral traits, genetic predispositions, coping skills, etc. for personal growth. Learn about subjects that interest and challenge you for intellectual and educational improvement. Keep the brain working, keep learning, stay healthy!

There are always exceptions to everything. It is obviously not wise to smoke for your health. Wherever you are in your health journey please try to incorporate the traits of others who live healthy, happy, and fulfilled. I struggled for the first 35 years of my life and learned how to stop and now watch others overcome things they once thought were insurmountable or impossible to change. You too can live long, be strong, and be happy. You too can BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

The Build YOUR Healthy Life Program helps individuals and organizations create permanent positive health practices through evidence based, unique, and highly effective lifestyle education. The program teaches participants how to live strong for decades and create permanent, healthy, self-care practices. If we can help you or your company improve your health practices please feel free to contact us at We offer educational seminars and products, individual life coaching, healthy fitness training in our gym, your home or business and online. BECOME A MIRACLE!


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