Trying To Impress May Leave You Depressed!

It is so impressive to watch some of the high risk and heavy lifts that people are doing in the more extreme type of fitness training. While it is important to exercise in a vigorous manner it is just as important to exercise in a smart manner. There are a lot of people doing these high risk lifts and earning PR’s (personal records) and just as many if not more are earning long term injuries. I watched a video of a very well-known trainer setting a PR in a high risk lift and obviously straining tremendously to do it. He received several thousand “likes” and I wonder how many people will try to do what he did today and end up hurt and unable to do anything in the long term.

Smart But Vigorous

For most of us, especially those of us over 35, the goal should be to create long term positive health practices, happiness, and fulfillment. All are intertwined and necessary to have long term high quality of life. The research says that we should exercise vigorously, enjoy food but have boundaries with it, engage in activities that bring us pleasure and fulfillment, and have a positive outlook to live a long and healthy life. It is true that we should be strong as we can be (especially as we age) but not to the point of high risk. I know many that have exercised and lifted in ways that brought injury and they cannot do as much in their 40’s and 50’s as someone who maintained a healthy fitness approach. Please exercise regularly in a vigorous BUT SMART manner. Listen to your body and not your ego. Stay as strong as you can physically. Give energy ONLY to being successful in all that you do. Learn from things you need to improve in. Do things that make you smile and feel fulfilled. Focus on the good in all. Be healthy for decades. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

The mission at Miracles of Phoenix Fitness is to help as many people as possible achieve great health and high quality of life through:

  • Educated, caring, and respectful lifestyle education
  • Safe but highly effective personal fitness training
  • Positive interaction with clients
  • A nonjudgmental, fun, and motivational environment

The Build YOUR Healthy Life Program helps individuals and organizations create permanent positive health practices through evidence based, unique, and highly effective lifestyle education. It teaches how to live strong for decades and create permanent, healthy, self-care practices. If we can help you or your company improve your health practices please feel free to contact us at We offer educational seminars and products, individual life coaching, healthy fitness training in our gym, your home or business as well as online. BECOME A MIRACLE!


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