Judging Yourself?

I so love the clients of Miracle of Phoenix. They are each on their own journey of health and for some the journey is easier than others. It is so important to continue the journey though. I speak to people regularly who are discouraged because they cannot seem to stay on track with healthy food and exercise habits. Some judge themselves extremely harshly for having a common human struggle and they really are great people. There are many reasons for this including conditioning as a youth by themselves and others. When you judge yourself harshly you find yourself guilty nearly every time. This will never lead to long term success if you are trying to create a new and healthier lifestyle for yourself with exercise and nutrition. It can only be discouraging and you will continue to struggle to stay on track. So how do you get past the judgmental conditioning that is so “locked in” when you do not meet your expectations of a perfect weight loss or wellness plan and you get discouraged? Here is what I have found through both client and data study:

  1. Understand how powerful the agreements you have made with your conditioning are! Our first 20 years of life are so vital for belief systems and habits. To change it is important to understand that you were conditioned and agreed to judge yourself harshly, get discouraged, and give up. I meet a lot of people who have been doing this for decades. I also meet a lot of people who change this IN A BIG WAY! The people who change are willing to give full energy to change the conditioning they have agreed to and create great health and quality of life because they deserve and desire it. You must desire change!
  2. Be willing to go through discomfort to get to the mountaintop! Change is not easy. Keep working through tough points and you will get better at it. Judging yourself and getting discouraged may have been the norm but did not work for you. Question and/or dispute self-judgment and instead focus on how you can improve daily. Learn from days when you could be better and realize that you are a great person who is learning how to be healthier in every way. Drive yourself toward success and leave failure thoughts behind.
  3. Focus on daily tasks not long term goals! There are many wonderful things about sunrises and sunsets. They are beautiful to see and they also give us an automatic do over daily. If you just focus on what you need to do today with your lifestyle choices you will be successful in your long term goals. If you have a day where you do not reach the goal you have set for food and exercise please start over the next day. Judging yourself harshly will lead to discouragement. Moving on and finding a way to be successful the following day will be gratifying and growth if you have given up historically.

I hope this help you if you have been struggling in any way. If I can help you, your company or other organization in any way be healthier please email me: miraclesfitness@gmail.com. We have lifestyle education classes and support discussions every Wednesday that can help you to stay on track with health habits. Please join us! BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


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