Struggle to Maintain an Exercise Commitment?

I meet a lot of people who struggle to maintain an exercise commitment.  Some have been damaged because of an egotistical PE teacher or coach, others have been in the military and had a terrible exercise experience, and some are intimidated by gyms and lack the proper knowledge to workout with confidence in a gym setting. Here are some keys to learning how to manage a negative exercise association:

1. Understand that the coach, drill instructor, or teacher inflicting unnecessary pain and misery during exercise is not the healthiest method to approach exercise. There may be some discomfort when you exercise but do not go overboard. Utilize the mild discomfort to form stronger coping skills without creating absolute misery.

2. See exercise as beneficial. If you see exercise as beneficial rather than as a punishment you will experience better results. What happens to the body physically when you see something as good is far more healthy than what happens to the body when you experience a negative outlook. Be aware that you may have allowed yourself to be conditioned by a coach or someone that did not teach you how to have a positive exercise outlook and experience. Forgive them, exercise at your own pace and see the benefits.

3. Have nonjudgmental support. Support is so important! Have someone in your life who can support you in your commitment to being healthy. The more the merrier. Do not get discouraged because someone does not support you-focus on those who do.

4. Stay resilient. The key to everything. If you have a bad day or even two, get right back on the exercise program. Finding a way to get it done versus finding a way not to get it done will be a strong key to maintaining your exercise commitment.  BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

I am so humbled by the release of my third book, The Building YOUR Healthy Life Workbook is designed to help you create your own healthy lifestyle based on your goals, not someone else’s. If I can serve you individually, your company or other organization with The Build YOUR Healthy Life Program please contact me. I have classes every Wednesday at 7pm at the gym or I can come to you. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve!


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