As children, we learn how to deal and cope with the stressors we face in life with family, peers, teachers, and others. Some teach themselves how to cope in healthy and positive ways while others deal with events in life in ways that are not healthy. I was definitely one of the latter. Growing up in a family where alcoholism was prevalent, I constantly felt fear, anxiety, and embarrassment. I taught myself to cope with these stressors with sweets, drive-thru food, multiple addictions and other physically harmful methods. As a result, I went from 175 pounds at my high school graduation to over 330 pounds by age 35. I was miserable in every way. I felt out of control physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I had tried to change many times. I had watched many of my family members and others that I cared about destroy themselves with behaviors that were not healthy. I was conditioned by myself and others to respond to life in ways that were not healthy. I agreed to continue the conditioning well into adulthood and that is what many of us do. There are many reasons for this including genetics, the way our brain forms habits, the people, places, and materials we surround ourselves with, lack of education and of course our own understanding of how to be resilient. The many people I have seen become successful at change are aware of how they have agreed to the conditioning and have been willing to feel discomfort at times to change it. It is growth as a person. It is important for our reconditioning to be intentional every day and do the tasks necessary to live our health mission. If we have a day where we do not live it perfectly it is wisest to learn without judgment of yourself and start over the next day. It takes practice and “exercising” just as a physical fitness workout does. Changing behaviors we have done for a lifetime requires us to keep moving forward with determination. BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

Miracles of Phoenix Fitness Owner Coe Kirby combines evidence based behavioral health research with 12+ years as a personal trainer to provide the most extensive lifestyle modification program for mental and physical wellbeing in America. He has helped hundreds of people overcome self-defeating behaviors and achieve goals of all levels. His unique style and skill set as a personal trainer and life coach make him comfortable to be open with while pursuing the growth or change you desire. Knowing that each individual is different with where they are in the change process, he guides the client on a journey of self-discovery that helps the individual learn his or her own method to success while giving strong support and proven tools to assist them. His two books, Your Health is Your Wealth: Working Out the Inner Self For a Fit Outer Self and Rebuilding Your Temple From the Inside Out have helped people from all walks of life learn how to create healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families. Both books are available through  Good luck on your health journey!


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