Staying In the Game!

It is so important to educate yourself if you are going to continue to move forward in your wellness journey. One thing I ask of my fitness clients is to bring articles that they have read that are fitness and/or health related. It helps them to educate themselves about wellness and to “stay in the game” mentally outside of the gym. We have discussions while we exercise and we grow in both health mindset and knowledge.

This week we learned (again) how important it is to stay strong physically as we age. We lose muscle mass, bone density, clearness of mind, and sex drive as we get older (we know). Strength training will not only help us to be as strong physically as we can be past 40, but also strong mentally. Yes strength training! Exercising with weights can improve strength in bones, muscles, focus, sex drive, and even memory if done correctly. That in turn will help you with self-esteem, create a happy and healthy mindset, and reduce the length of recovery if you have an injury or illness. Walking is great and necessary but do not neglect the strength training.

The second article that I will share is how important outlook is when exercising.  Researchers had two groups who exercised in the same manner but were told two different things about the exercise. One group was basically told it was a “workout” while the other was given music, told to be social, and were educated regularly about the benefits of the exercise. The second group not only had better results physically but also made better choices with nutrition. “The way we see the world creates the world we see.” Please see exercise as beneficial. Most of the time exercise is more about learning how to cope with uncomfortable situations in life more than anything else. Learn how to work through 30-60 minutes of discomfort with exercise and it will help you learn how to deal with a lifetime of uncomfortable situations. Our coping skills need a workout too!

Another article that really touched me and our groups was how much more money it is going to cost children who are obese in health care spending as they get older. Some estimates are predicting that those who struggle with weight and making good health choices as a child will spend 2-3 times more on medications, surgeries, doctor copays, and other medical needs related to lifestyle choices. Overcoming childhood obesity is so hard and if you develop a food based reward or coping system your struggles may last forever. Please teach your children about the importance of good health choices and lead by example. It will save a life and money!

I hope that the articles inspire and educate you! I know that making good health choices in today’s world is hard, especially if you have had years of making less than healthy choices. Feel free to contact me if you struggle with making good health choices, food or other addictions, depression, lack of direction in life, ADHD issues, or harsh self-judgment. I struggled for years with many things and had the greatest teachers to help me grow. It is okay to ask for help. I needed to. If you need an ear that listens or just a different workout based on where you are in life, contact me @ The prices are the most affordable anywhere and the programs are evidenced based and highly successful.

Miracles of Phoenix Fitness Owner Coe Kirby holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and has helped hundreds of people overcome self-defeating behaviors and achieve goals of all levels. His unique style and skill set as a personal trainer and life coach make him comfortable for the client to be open with while pursuing the growth or change he or she desires. Knowing that each individual is different with where they are in the change process, he guides the client on a journey of self-discovery that helps the individual learn his or her own method to success while giving strong support and proven tools to assist them. His two books, Your Health is Your Wealth: Working Out the Inner Self For a Fit Outer Self and Rebuilding Your Temple From the Inside Out have helped people from all walks of life learn how to create healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families. Both books are available through or  Good luck on your health journey!

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