Today I begin my six part series on how to begin to create a healthier mindset, make healthier choices, and live a healthier life.

When I began to help people try to create healthier lives, I taught in the same manner as I learned. It did not work real well for me when my first trainer taught it to me and did not work well for me when I taught it to others. And it has not worked well for others who teach the anything in moderation method for health and weight loss. But still I tried for some strange reason to teach clients that they could eat what they want in moderation.

I have had the honor to meet and work with some fabulous people who truly had sincere and serving hearts to help those who struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight. I have witnessed the anything in moderation approach be utilized by some of the best hospitals and weight loss facilities in the United States with very little success. They all mean well. Is there anyone out there that does not know we are supposed to eat smaller portion sizes with more vegetables, lean proteins, and fruits?

For those of us who have struggled for a lifetime to make healthy food and exercise choices, the anything in moderation approach will not work for us. That does not mean that we become rabbits and are sentenced to living in a room with a swinging light bulb on a string surrounded by protein powders and superfood jars. We have to live life and we should enjoy it. But how does someone who historically does not make the healthiest choices live and enjoy life while making the healthiest choices? Today I will share with you the first of six recommendations that have worked for many:

Acceptance : It is way more than willpower or choice. Many of us have predispositions or genetic tendencies that limit what we can do in many situations. I have a genetic tendency that leads me to gain weight if I eat processed carbohydrates and sugars. I also am conditioned genetically to respond to life events in certain ways and have taught myself to cope with stress, depression, and anxiety with food and other unhealthy choices. The brain and and body “lock in” to the coping methods and it in many cases becomes automatic for us. Food companies are aware of “my tendencies” and create foods that will lead to crave more of them leading to weight gain and guilt. Many I work with say the same thing. None of this makes us bad people, disadvantaged, or picked on. The food companies are not “bad people” either but merely trying to make more money which is what businesses do. It is so important to accept your predispositions, the way you automatically cope, and do so without harsh judgment of yourself. It is also important to accept that there are foods out there that will make you crave more, lead you to weight gain, and guilt. It is not unfair. You will be a certain height, have a certain temperament, and will respond to what you put into your body in a certain way. Honor yourself and the ones that love you by making healthy choices today. Worry about tomorrow when it gets here. Be your own miracle!

The series will continue on Friday with how to accept exercise into your life. Upcoming topics will include:

How to plan for stress eating
How to be accountable to someone else
What you put into your mind is as important as what you put into your body
Finding your life flow for health
Working through the 8pm food cravings

I look forward to your feedback.

Coe Kirby is a personal trainer and life coach from Phoenix, Arizona. He has a Masters Degree in Counseling and utilizes a different approach than most trainers, one of nonjudgmental acceptance and comfort.He has also lost over 125 pounds and uses all of his experience, knowledge, and education to help others. For more, go to his website


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