I have shared research in the past showing that resistance training can help people lean down faster, recover from illness or physical setbacks sooner, age better, and even create a more positive outlook. Would you like another reason? How about live longer? A study published in the Journal of Endocrinology showed that the amount of muscle mass people retained as they age was more important than BMI to determine life expectancy. People in the study (over 25 years) with more muscle mass lived longer than others, even those that had a great BMI. We must stay strong as we age but we must do it in a safe and healthy manner.Lifting weights will help your aches and pains feel better, help you be as strong as you can be as you age, and make you healthier overall. Miracles of Phoenix Fitness has specific programs for people over 40 that are safe and effective. If you do not live in the Phoenix metro area but would still like the workouts, nutrition tips, the unparalleled coaching to manage food cravings and other health issues, please contact us at 602-989-1978 or email us at miraclesfitness@gmail.com. How strong we are as we age depends on us and our determination to be healthy. Be your own Miracle!b_wlogo


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