Are you blind?

“The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.” -Barry Neil Kaufman

For years I was blind. Until one day in late July 2001 when the temperature was 118 degrees in Phoenix and my temperature was well above that. I was angry and it was hot. And I had just locked my keys in my car at ASU West and even DPS could not “pop the lock” on my car.  So I had to walk ALL THE WAY OVER to the bus stop to ride the bus home to get my other set of keys. It was all of about 200 yards. As I angrily walked in the heat pouting about my keys, feeling self-pity about how busy I was, and not wanting to be bothered by anything positive I saw a man sitting at the bus stop. As I approached I could see that he had a white-tipped cane used by people who are without eyesight. I really didn’t want to be bothered because I was angry and feeling sorry for myself so I said hello and stayed to the side. He asked, “Can you do me a favor?” I thought “oh great” but said okay. He asked if I could describe the trees and the sky to him because he had lost his eyes when he was 5 because of a disease.  He said that he always remembers how beautiful the trees and sky were and likes to get other people’s descriptions. So I described. The desert trees and landscapes were various colors and all bore their own beauty. The sky had high clouds but was otherwise blue and clear. He said that many people have 20/20 vision but are blinder than he is because they do not appreciate the gift of sight and its’ ability to see natural beauty.  He told me to always appreciate my sight and the gift to see all things beautiful. My mood changed immediately and I began to make it a daily point to appreciate my gift of sight and the ability to see beauty. I did it today when I went for a run/walk with my dog. It was hot this morning and my feet hurt. I did not “see” that though. I saw the beauty of the trees, birds enjoying a cool bird bath and my dog Zeus’ look of unconditional love toward me. I saw all of my abilities, the beauty of the lake that I walked past, and how great it was to be able to exercise because some cannot. I saw how lucky I am to have so much love in my life, a business that I enjoy doing, and all of the other gifts that I am so richly blessed with. Most of us have chosen to be where we are at in life. We have chosen to lock our keys in our cars, live in the heat or cold, who we love and how busy we are. We also choose the way we see everything. I am asking you like the blind man asked me to see the beauty in ALL things. Do not be blind any longer! Start today. Be your own miracle!


Happy Health!

I like to be happy. For many years I was not. I worked in jobs that I did well at but was ultimately miserable and unfulfilled. I did things after my unfulfilling job that was also unfulfilling. I would spend time after the 8-10 hour misery with 4-5 hours of unfulfilling activity like watching TV, ingesting endless amounts of bad food and drink, and living each day as a revolving door of “doing what I needed to do” instead of creating a happy life. I write about health topics and there is nothing more healthy than being happy in ALL aspects of life. There is a growing movement in the world of psychology that is moving away from helping people become “less depressed and anxious” to actually living in full happiness and peace. It is called “living your flow.” And before you think you have to quit your job and move to a commune in the mountains somewhere, think again. You can do it starting today right where you are. It is time to create your own flow of happiness. Happiness and peace are created from outlook, pleasures, and gratifications. What does that mean? I can give you some suggestions but it will be individual things that fit you. There are many people who get pleasure from spending time playing with their pets. For me personally I love watching my dog play at the dog park. He runs and appears to be smiling while he is there. We also get gratification by caring for our pets. Other things that give me pleasure are playing on the swings (I laugh uncontrollably), listening to positive music, and going on a date with my wife. Gratification is also important. We can get this from service to others, reaching exercise goals, taking a class, caring for plants and animals, and from creative projects that we enjoy. I know people that enjoy building engines and others who love to do beaded work. The choice is yours. If are struggling with unhappiness or lack of satisfaction it is probably time to look at creating a flow of pleasures and gratifications. The more you INTENTIONALLY do things that bring you joy and that are gratifying the better you will cope with stress and life events.And of course outlook means everything. Live life with purpose and intentional flow that you see as a benefit and not as punishment. I am a huge advocate of exercise for physical and emotional health. I am a bigger advocate of being happy in life. Find your flow to be happy and HEALTHY!  Be your own miracle!

I have shared research in the past showing that resistance training can help people lean down faster, recover from illness or physical setbacks sooner, age better, and even create a more positive outlook. Would you like another reason? How about live longer? A study published in the Journal of Endocrinology showed that the amount of muscle mass people retained as they age was more important than BMI to determine life expectancy. People in the study (over 25 years) with more muscle mass lived longer than others, even those that had a great BMI. We must stay strong as we age but we must do it in a safe and healthy manner.Lifting weights will help your aches and pains feel better, help you be as strong as you can be as you age, and make you healthier overall. Miracles of Phoenix Fitness has specific programs for people over 40 that are safe and effective. If you do not live in the Phoenix metro area but would still like the workouts, nutrition tips, the unparalleled coaching to manage food cravings and other health issues, please contact us at 602-989-1978 or email us at How strong we are as we age depends on us and our determination to be healthy. Be your own Miracle!b_wlogo